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Grilled Chicken Caprese Rotini


Welcome Back to Audrey’s Kitchen. It seems like forever, but I’m slowly working my way back. Being a new mom with a three month old one of my dinner requirements has become something quick. Unfortunately, that tends to mean not very healthy. Well, that’s out the door because my husband is doing the Insanity workout and I’m breast feeding, so whatever I eat, my baby eats. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve been addicted to kettle corn lately, and ice cream, so when it comes to meals I try to do better.


For dinner tonight I made something tasty, simple, quick, amendable and healthy. It begins with pre-cooked grilled chicken and ends with fresh store bought herbs. Here’s how I made my Grilled Chicken Caprese Rotini.


Cooked Whole Grain Rotini Pasta
3 oz Mozerella, med. dice
2 Small Tomatoes, med. dice
2 Grilled Chicken Breasts, sliced
1/8 C Basil & Oregano, chopped

Directions: Mix it all together! Told ya it was simple.

This recipe will feed 2 people for dinner or easily 3 with one more piece of chicken. I used pre-cooked frozen grilled chicken from a bag that was store bought. You can easily grill your own or bake it. We kept this low calorie by not adding any sauce, but be sure to season your pasta water with salt. You can also add salt and pepper, tomato sauce or pesto. You can definitely use dried herbs in place of fresh, just remember to use much less, maybe 1/2-1 TBSP of each.

This makes a great, fast dinner dish with the chicken taking the longest to cook at under 20 minutes. Of course, that’s if you use the ready made chicken, but even raw it’s no more than 35 minutes. This also makes a great party dish. Remove the chicken and add Italian or balsamic dressing.

I can definitely see keeping a cold version of this in the fridge on hand for those quick lunch times or snacks when the baby is napping and I need to refuel. I hope you find a use for it as well. Be on the lookout for more great recipes and ENJOY!