Herb Garden


My family is definitely a “try it and see what happens” kind of lot. When my brother wanted to put 3 ft stereo speakers in the back of his Toyota Corolla back in ’94, he started hooking up wires to see if it would work. Sadly, it did, but the entire car shook with the 2 subwoofers he had also attached.

My dad wanted to make a compost pile, so he did. He started tossing fruit and veggie leftovers in a pile of soil. Just a small bucket sized hole of dirt. Every few days he’d go out and flip the dirt around to mix in all the discarded stuff. One day, we noticed a vine coming out. It ended up being a cantaloupe. 2 came out of the compost pile, and they were the best tasting I’ve ever had!

Now, my grandmother is the green thumb in the family. Give her a dead seed and shell turn it into its own oasis. I, on the other hand, killed a cactus in a terrarium in 8th grade. But, I’ve been having a few successes here and there, and, I thought I’d try my hand at fresh herbs. Fresh herbs are so often shown on all the cooking shows these days. Everyone has a veggie garden and herb garden, etc. So I said, what the heck. Here’s what I did:




I got everything for this at home Depot. A bag of organic herb soil for like $6.50 or so, the rectangle planter box for about $15, and the plants were $2.50-$3.50 each.

I dumped a ton of soil, about 1/3 of the bag into the box, then dug out a little hole to set the plant in. Before you put the plant in, be sure to soak the roots well first.





Now, my plants were in biodegradable containers. If this is the case, you can easily pull these from around the plant, tear them to pieces, toss them in the hole you made, mix with a little dirt and insert the plant. I did have a few that had already had roots in the container. No biggie, just rub your hand, with a little force, across the container until it crumbles away.

Once your plant is in the whole, cover it evenly with soil. Be sure not to crowd them too much. 3 to 4 in the boxes I have will give them plenty of room to grow.

I originally uses lemon balm, orange mint, Greek oregano, cilantro and chives. It was a bit crowded, so I went back to get another box and wound up buying a few strawberry plants, some sweet basil, Greek basil, peppermint, and chocolate mint.

Be sure to water your plants thoroughly when you’re finished. Check the soil daily and watch the weather. If its going to be a hot day, you may want to give them extra water. If you live in a dry climate, you should make sure
They have plenty of water and stay moist to damp. If all that seems to technical, just look at them. If the soil isn’t moist to the touch, water it. The water shouldn’t pool up and sit in the pot, though. That’s way too much. Just keep it simple. Start with one or two, and if they do well, get more! I went a little crazy, so we’ll see how they do. As long as I remember to water them, I should be ok. Hahaha. Enjoy!






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