Delicious Doughnuts, or Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?


I’ve seen so many recipes for biscuit doughnuts and thought, “I should try that one day,” but I never did. The other morning I wanted something sweet, and thought doughnuts would hit the spot. Now, the homemade recipe I have takes about 2 1/2- 3 hours. It involved yeast and rising and cutouts and more rising…. So, I decided, what the heck. I have biscuits, I have a sweet tooth, let’s do it.

It was so easy I could slap myself for not doing it sooner! 20 minutes start to finish, and I may have played some games on my phone while I was making them. So, here’s how I did it:

3 Easy Ingredients:
1 Roll Grands Biscuits
Cinnamon- sugar seasoning
Oil for frying

Start by heating a few inches of oil to 325 degrees F.

Lightly sprinkle your work surface with flour. Make sure to flour your rolling pin, too. Roll out your biscuits, one at a time, to the size of a small pancake.



Make a hole in the middle of the flattened doughnut. My husband hasn’t yet seen fit to buy me the cutter set I keep hinting at, so I used a tip from a decorating bag. Does the job.

When you’re finished, place the doughnut, and cut out hole, on a lightly floured surface until you’re ready to fry.



Test your oil by gently dropping the holes in first. They should begin frying immediately, and take about 30-45 seconds to brown. Mine actually flipped themselves, which I thought was pretty cool. But if they don’t, flip them.

Remove them to a paper towel for a few seconds, then you have an option, you can either sprinkle them with a sugar cinnamon combo on each side, or put your mixture in a dish and roll them around, coating all sides.



Repeat the same steps with the doughnuts. The only difference is when they begin to puff up, they’re pretty fragile, so be careful. I used a spider to flip and remove mine after my tongs ripped a hole in 2 of them. You will see the bottom browning. Flip it, and if you need to flip it again, that’s fine. The doughnuts take around a minute per side or so. Remove them to a paper towel, drop the next few, then dust the finished ones with sweetness.


And, now, it’s time to ENJOY!!! I’ll be trying powdered sugar icing, caramel, and maybe chocolate ganache as toppings next time. I’ll update if it works out.


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