Great Sides for Steak: Roasted Asparagus and Homemade Chips

My husband is the steak maker in our house… at least he has been. Ive taken over since we gave away our grill before we moved. We haven’t bought a new one, so I got a cast iron grill pan. I’ve been making steak with that and, minus the smokey fire and charcoal taste, it’s been very successful.

I have a tendency to turn to green veggies or corn on the cob and some kind of potato for sides. The last few times we’ve had steak, though, these chips have been requested, as have these delicious green veggies.


Roasted Asparagus is a simple and very tasty side. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and only 10-15 minutes to cook. Preheat your oven to 425˚F. To prep your veggies, hold at each end and bend. The bottom, tough end will snap off. If a piece doesn’t snap, discard it. Once you’ve snapped the edges, place the asparagus on a foil lined sheet tray. Drizzle with olive oil (I use an olive/canola oil blend, it’s cheaper and just as good.) Sprinkle with fresh cracked coarse black pepper and a coarse salt (like sea salts, smoked salts or kosher salt.) Toss your veggies around to coat. Spread them back out and put them in the oven. I like to get a slight brown roast on mine and take them out of the oven. My hubby likes me to roast them on both sides and then remove them. They’re good both ways, but I like to keep a bit of the crispiness. You can get a good brown on them by cooking for 6 minutes and flipping them, still getting your crispiness in 12 total minutes of cooking.

These chips are just as easy, but can be a bit more time consuming, depending on your equipment. When doing any deep frying, I’ve been using peanut oil more and more and liking it more and more. As with any frying, it’s always important to monitor the temp of your oil. If you’re using a deep fryer, make sure the oil is not too old and has not been used too much. I used oil I’d fried catfish nuggets in 2 days earlier and still had a fresh oil flavor. If using a heavy bottom pan, just make sure you have at least 2 inches of oil, and you don’t crowd the pan too much.

I prefer wash my potatoes and leave the skin on. Slice them with a mandolin or the proper slicing blade attachment on a food pro. Thin slices are good for these chips. 1 large potato per 2 people is usually good, but I have to use 2 because as soon as my husband finds out I’m making them, he continually sneaks into the kitchen to steal them. I like to soak mine in water for a bit to remove some of the starch. Also, I like to slice them early and have them waiting for when I’m ready to fry them. Once you are ready, be sure to separate the slices and dry them with a towel. I like to make an assembly line. I drain the potatoes and put them in a bowl. Then, I take a batch, lay them on a paper towel, dry them and drop them in oil when the time is right.

Once in oil, let them cook for 2-4 minutes. They need to brown up at least halfway. If they are too white, they will be soft. If they get a little too dark brown it will take away from the potato taste. A light golden brown over most of the chip is perfect. Remove it from the oil and immediately sprinkle with salt. I like using sea salt or kosher salt.

Hope you enjoy making these super easy sides. Happy Cooking!



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  1. I love this, so eye appealing. Great job Audrey

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